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Value Flow Cloud

- The Excel Automation Cloud - 

The Koivu Value Flow Cloud platform weaves the user-friendliness of Excel together with cloud platform to provide agile cloud application development and API-first approach for the rapidly evolving enterprise.

Controversial practice of solving business process challenges with spreadsheets needs more attention!

White Spaces

Fast moving business always creates white spaces between major enterprise applications. 


Creative people, to drive the business forward, generate local and personal spreadsheets to fill the gaps.

Flow Broken

Process automation and information flow breaks when data is not available for system-to-system integration.


  • ROAD BLOCKS - Value flow in business must be uninterrupted. Road blocks break the business process and makes business process automation impossible.
  • LOCAL DATA - Road blocks are created by having vital information locally stored on hard to access spreadsheet files.
  • PERSONAL - Local Data becomes easily personal and access to information manual. A "go-to" person appears for vital business information creating risks for entire business!
  • VERSIONS - When spreadsheets are sent around by emails, it becomes easily confusing who has the latest version.

Broken flows are everywhere!

“As a result, to close these gaps, over 90% of companies depend on spreadsheets.”

Dream Come True:
Koivu Value Flow Cloud

IT Managers have long been against spreadsheet-driven data management, but users love spreadsheets. Now the controversy is over! 


Pro-Users -

For users accessing and changing information daily, we offer the familiar Excel, as a user interface. Users can use their spreadsheets with all the business experience accumulated into it, like they always have. .

Casual-Users - Web & Mobile

For other users, who occasionally access the data, Koivu Value Flow Cloud has a configurable, automatically generated web and mobile applications.

Systems -

Koivu Value Flow Cloud allows other systems to access information stored in it and can consume data from other systems using Open APIs. The user’s spreadsheets can now automatically get and use other systems’ data and can automatically provide data to these systems.

Data Management and Audit

Value Flow Cloud audits all the data changes at row, not file, level. System administrators know who has changed what and when. As data is on the Cloud, everyone has the latest version always and multiple users can modify the same "spreadsheet".

Where can I use it?


Where you have business processes dependent on spreadsheets, you can use Koivu Value Flow Cloud to automate the manual process to remove silos or integrate data in Excel sheets to other systems.


When you want to extend the life span of existing enterprise system like ERP or CRM, you can use Koivu Value Flow Cloud to upgrade its user interfaces, extend data management capabilities and partially move to cloud-based computation.


Koivu Value Flow Cloud can provide a robust and rapid development platform for a new web and mobile application. It is as simple as creating a spreadsheet, employing Koivu Value Flow Cloud to automatically generate the mobile application and configuring the application to meet your needs.


Employ Koivu Value Flow Cloud when you need to enhance your existing Business Intelligence (BI) reporting system with additional data maintained in spreadsheets. Koivu Value Flow Cloud with its powerful computational and ML capabilities and Excel UI can become your next generation, flexible and scalable BI reporting system.

API-First Approach

Make a new Open API in a few clicks! VFC makes your spreadsheet data to be part of enterprise API ecosystem. Traditional spreadsheet files and specially a cell value there cannot be accessed in meaningful way thru APIs. VFC Open API provides meaningful ID and address for a single field value in JSON format: 

{ "keys": [ “ID001“ ], "description": “MyProduct", "properties": { “price": “100.00" } }

Strengthen Enterprise API Ecosystem.

"Edit in Excel -
Deliver Anywhere."

  1. TIME SAVED - REDUCED COST. Happier users together with system-to-system integration makes the information flow thru processes more accurate and timely. Less time is wasted to wait other users and hunt for the right spreadsheet file. Users can do concurrent changes safely. Operational lead time for data management is reduced.
  2. AUTOMATION - IMPROVED QUALITY. Automation leads to more repetitive processes that are not so error prone to human mistakes. Improved quality of information and operations additionally reduce costs and increase sales. You get positive global impact across your business.
  3. IMPROVED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - INCREASED SALES. Your customer facing applications communicate your dedication to them. Relationship to your customers improves with better service. Higher customer service level and satisfaction leads to additional business.
  4. EXPLOIT INVESTMENTS WITH LOW ADDITIONAL INVESTMENT. Instead of throwing away existing spreadsheets that have a lot of accumulated business know-how, they can be enhanced and optimized to work in the modern enterprise environment. Large and complex spreadsheet files are made manageable and well performing again and are not consuming personal computer capacity for recalculations. You get more out of the already made investments in your legacy systems and no additional heavy training is needed for users.
  5. COMPLIANCE WITH ENTERPRISE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - IMPROVED SECURITY. Changes are traced and audited at row level. You always know who has changed what rows. You can restrict access to 'sheets' based on user roles. Only authenticated changes are possible. 
Enterprise Solution Examples

Promotion and Pricing

 Existing spreadsheets were turned to cloud-based solution for both price and promotion creation and execution. Front-end applications can access real-time price calculation on the Cloud.

Forecasting and Demand 

Spreadsheets were used to analyze historical demand and build forecasts. Now historical information is flowing into the Cloud and forecasts are created using spreadsheets connected to the Cloud.

Service and Resource Planning

Service personnel were calling service managers to report services they did. Spreadsheet was used to record service history and plan new services. In the new solution mobile app is used to record the service and cloud-based spreadsheet is used to plan the future.

What Our Users Say

"It was amazing how fast they were able to turn our large 150MB spreadsheet file of hundreds of thousands of rows into a real data behind Cloud APIs." 

User in a Finnish corporate

"We were struggling to satisfy customer who was in love with spreadsheet driven process. With VFC we can now satisfy the spreadsheet users and IT leaders at the same time."

User in our partner company

"Pricing managers in general know how to use spreadsheet applications. No new training was needed for us to understand how our old spreadsheets now work with the Cloud."

Pricing Manager in a large enterprise

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